What is Inside?
Learn  Everything  You Need  to Know
in order to  Protect Yourself  and Your
Family  From  the ravages  of  the new
Bankruptcy Law.

  • How to LEGALLY protect yourself and
    your  Family  by  choosing   the  most  
    competent  and  most ethical attorney
        for the job of representing you.

  • How to design  the  three key areas of
         your Petition that will Determine what
Your New Life  will really be like  after

  • Insider Secrets that will Help you Max
    Your Benefits  from  your  bankruptcy
    filing while avoiding the major pitfalls.
Now you can get Ultimate
Bankruptcy Tools needed
for Planning  and Filing  a
Bankruptcy You Can Live
With ...
Are Included in our
The "Ultimate Bankruptcy
Series" cuts  through  all
of the illusions  regarding
your   bankruptcy    filing
process.    You will learn
how  to  take  control  of
your  entire    bankruptcy
filing    experience   from  
beginning  to end.    You
will know all  of  the right
questions  to   ask   your
attorney Plus how & why
to apply the "Bankruptcy
Control  System" to your
own personal bankruptcy
Plan  and Take Control of Your entire
Bankruptcy    Filing   Process    From  
Beginning to End.
File Only the Chapter  that  works best
for You  in  order  to  Keep All of  Your
Things and Lose Little in the process.
Avoid Getting Stuck with Unnecessary
$2,600 Per Month  Plan Payments that
Can Cost You  Tens  of  Thousands of
Dollars  and keep you living below the
poverty line.
Learn How You Can easily Avoid All of
the Headaches and Pitfalls that far too
many people end up having to face in
Below  Are  Your  FREE
Bankruptcy Work Tools
Our Ultimate Tools
The information provided here  is crucial to anyone who is seriously considering bankruptcy as a
means of dealing with their indebtedness.

Our “Ultimate Bankruptcy Series”  has  been  produced  in  collaboration  with some of  the  best
 Bankruptcy  Attorney's  around and is necessary for pre-planning all elements of any
bankruptcy filing experience.

The information provided here  is meant  to serve  as a Planning Guide  that can be  of immense
help to anyone planning or filing for bankruptcy!

We recommend  that all persons filing bankruptcy  acquire responsible  and ethical legal counsel
and we make recommendations to that end in our publication.
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