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After changes  to  the  Bankruptcy Law  in 2005 the Bankruptcy Court does not
really care that much about what is best for you.

If  you  do  not  prepare  yourself  you will most definitely  pay the price  in more
ways  than you can imagine.  

When  following  the  steps  outlined  in  Our
Ultimate  Bankruptcy  Series  you
are the one  who  determines  what  chapter of Bankruptcy  you  will  file rather
than some arbitrary rule demanded by the banking and credit card industry!  

Our Ultimate  Bankruptcy  Series  gives  you  the  tools  you need  to keep from
being forced into filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy when it is of no benefit to you.

If  filing for Chapter 13  is in  your  best  interest  then Our  
Ultimate Bankruptcy
will show you how to maximize  your  position  where  you  can  literally  
save yourself  tens  of  thousands  of  dollars in plan payments.  

Ultimate Bankruptcy Series  covers all of the basics  and shows you  how
to pre-plan and manage your bankruptcy from beginning to end.   

Bankruptcy -10 Mistakes to Avoid  is a concise  introduction  to key areas that
you will need to address when filing your bankruptcy.  

Bankruptcy Boot Camp 2014 are compilations of two of our best selling books  
Bankruptcy - 10 Mistakes To Avoid  and  Bankruptcy Bible 2014  all  under one
cover and at a discounted price!

Ultimate Credit 2014 will show you how to regain your credit  within as little as
six months after filing your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 ... Either way … YOU WIN ... This is your opportunity to
take your first step in the right direction ... RIGHT NOW!

The tools  provided
 in  Our Ultimate Bankruptcy Series  can  actually  get  you
started with  a whole new way  of looking at your situation and the best way to
protect yourself, your family and/or your business through bankruptcy.

Our Ultimate Bankruptcy Series is comprised of  (3)  of  the  only pro-consumer
bankruptcy resources  available, and
includes insider  information  you  simply  
will  not learn from any Bankruptcy Attorney.  
  Most Bankruptcy Attorney's will
just  not  openly  discuss  these  matters with clients,  in part,  because of  their  
obligation to the Bankruptcy Court and due to their orientation & training.  

You will learn how to use the same "Bankruptcy Control System" that has truly
helped  hundreds of my bankruptcy clients  to  change  their  lives significantly
for the better.
Filing  for  Bankruptcy in  2013  is quite different  from what it was  prior to 2005
ich is the year our bankruptcy laws were revised through massive  lobbying  
by the
banking and credit card industries.

Next, this same banking industry managed to abscond with  over
 13 trillion  of
our tax dollars through a series if giant fraudulent ponzi schemes!

These same Criminal bankers  set this whole  disaster in motion  then  conned
our government into bailing them out with Our tax dollars  by using fear tactics
and threats that if they did not get the bail out money that Martial Law would be
!  (Talk about terrorists!)  

Isn't it amazing  that these same bankers
 were able to subvert our Bankruptcy
Laws by removing our citizen right to financial protection  and do this  just five
years prior to unleashing their financial chaos and devastation on us all?

Well don't fret because  Our Ultimate Bankruptcy Series  was designed to deal
with all
 of  the  greed  driven  perversions  to our  Bankruptcy  Laws  by  these
Crooked Bankers and their army of Crooked Lobbyists!

Our powerful "Ultimate Bankruptcy Series" is  comprised  of  four very unique
; Bankruptcy -10 Mistakes to Avoid, Bankruptcy Bible 2014, Bankruptcy  
Boot  Camp  201
4, and Our Soon to be Released New Book Entitled;  Ultimate
Credit 201

Later this year, watch for our powerful new VIDEO entitled
:  Bankruptcy -
Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid to Ask

The first three books in this series cover everything  you need to know for pre-
planning and filing your bankruptcy.   Our "Ultimate Bankruptcy Series" is the
only pro-consumer bankruptcy series of books
designed to assure you of the
financial protection  that our bankruptcy laws were intended to provide to you
and every American Citizen.  

The information covered in all three books will show you  everything  you need
to  know  in  order  to  acquire  all  of  the  same  benefits you are entitled to and
would have experienced if you had filed bankruptcy prior to 2005.   

The fourth book from this series deals with life after bankruptcy and shows you
how  to bring your credit scores  back to the level they were prior to  the banker
driven financial disaster we are all having to deal with today.

Most people filing bankruptcy today are being forced  into filing Chapter 13 and
end up having to pay a (5) year plan payment they cannot afford to make.

Can you really afford a Plan Payment of $500 to $3,500  or  more per month that
can actually force you to live at or below the Poverty Line for a full (5) years?
Bankruptcy Bible 2014  covers  everything  you  need to know in order to
achieve maximum benefit when filing your bankruptcy.
"Bankruptcy Bible 2014" - Spare Yourself The Nightmare!
Ultimate Bankruptcy Series
File Your Bankruptcy Using The Ultimate
Planning & Procedural Guide
Our Ultimate Bankruptcy Series  will  even  show  you  how  to  locate  the   
best attorney in your area before  you  commit yourself  by paying
someone you may end up wishing you had never met!

The information covered in this unique publication is essential to anyone
filing or even thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

Clearly The Best Alternative
  • From Being Forced to Make Monthly Payments
    that Keep You Living Below the Poverty Line!
  • From Being Forced to File Chapter 13 When it
    Only Serves the Creditors But Hurts You!
  • From Giving Up Control over your Bankruptcy
    and What Chapter You End Up Having to File!
I was approached by a client  because of there Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  that was
making her life miserable!  

She saw no possible way  she could survive while fulfilling the requirements of
her Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Payment.

Let’s take a look at what she was having to deal with to better understand  what
life can look like  when left at  the mercy of the wrong  Bankruptcy Attorney  and
an unsympathetic Bankruptcy Court.

My client was strapped with a  $784.00  Per WEEK Plan Payment  and that figures
out to an annual payment of $40,768.00!

How could this happen to her  when  she had hired  a Bankruptcy Attorney who
was supposedly one of the “Best” in the area where she lived?

She was being forced  to live below the poverty level with no apparent benefit
to her at all.

I began working with her on completely revising her "Schedules I & J"  with the
focus aimed at detailed real world cost of living figures.   When we resubmitted
her new budget she got her plan payment reduced to $1,100 Per MONTH!

That single act alone got her an incredible savings of  $27,672.00 Per Year.  Her
(5) year plan payment SAVINGS came out to an impressive $138,360.00!
The information provided here  is crucial to anyone who is seriously considering bankruptcy as a
means of dealing with their indebtedness.

The “Ultimate Bankruptcy Series” has been produced in collaboration with some of the best
practicing Bankruptcy Attorney's around and is necessary for pre-planning  all elements of any
bankruptcy filing experience.

The information provided here  is meant  to serve  as a Planning Guide  that can be  of immense
help to anyone planning or filing for bankruptcy!

We recommend  that all persons filing bankruptcy  acquire responsible  and ethical legal counsel
and we make recommendations to that end in our publication.
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Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask!
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Ultimate Bankruptcy Series